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When Facebook pixel doesn't work

published: 16 Mar 2019

Facebook pixel doesn’t always work, even when installed and set up correctly. This is due to the technical details.

Marketers don’t speak about that because, I believe, they’re unaware about those technical details. Assuming that you install a pixel on your website and thus you’ll be able to track each person who is on your website or has visited it, is naive.

In what cases does Facebook pixel not work?

  • When a visitor has no Facebook account

  • When a visitor does have a Facebook account, but isn’t currently logged in into it.

  • When a visitor opens his Facebook only in containers. In Firefox there’s such a possibility. I do this. Namely, when if I’m logged in into my Facebook account, and I visit a website that my have a Facebook pixel at it, a pixel won’t work because my Facebook lives in a different container.


Template of a systemd service for an Elixir/Phoenix application

published: 13 Mar 2019

In my Elixir/Phoenix applications I use the following template for systemd services:


ExecStart=/home/my_user/apps/my_app123/bin/my_app123 foreground
ExecStop=/home/my_user/apps/my_app123/bin/my_app123 stop


Whatsapp, Facebook with improvements in privacy, and Coca-Cola without sugar

published: 23 Feb 2019

“I want to be healthier, this is why now I drink Coca-Cola without sugar”.

Or “I choose Whatsapp because it encrypts all the messages in contrast to other messengers”.


Coca-Cola the company seemingly takes care of their customers - now it produces Coca-Cola drinks without sugar. That’s progress. If one doesn’t take into account the fact that the drinks of Coca-Cola have been and remain nothing but poison, regardless of whether or not sugar is added to them. For sugar is only one of many of the harmful components that their drinks consist of.


Deploying Elixir/Phoenix applications

published: 22 Feb 2019

This is twisted. Once I made it work, I haven’t touched it since, out of fear that something would break. Look at the github page of edeliver - It looks anything but simple and straighforward. One would have to go university to make sense of it.

How to

First, we need these 2 libraries in the mix.exs file:

{:edeliver, "~> 1.6"},
{:distillery, "~> 2.0"},

Then we need a file .deliver/config:


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