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Arch Linux on a server

published: 14 Jan 2019

Arch Linux is the OS I’ve been using the most on my servers. Contrary to the mainstream opinion, I’ve not had any problems for years. Moreover, it surprises me how thought out everything is in the OS.

The wiki stands out owing to its well organized structure. The forum on which you can rely most of the time. Some old, experienced and hardened users on the forum are too rigit, especially on the forum; but at least you can get help from them. Which you won’t need much thanks to the WiKi and the fact the thing don’t break often.

Have you used Arch Linux on a server? Or on a laptop? Consider it.

On the laptop the argument agains is often that it’s difficult to install it. Maybe. However, first of all - Wiki. Second - you do it once. And when you have to do it a second time, you’ll already have known how to do it.

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