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Whatsapp, Facebook with improvements in privacy, and Coca-Cola without sugar

published: 23 Feb 2019

“I want to be healthier, this is why now I drink Coca-Cola without sugar”.

Or “I choose Whatsapp because it encrypts all the messages in contrast to other messengers”.


Coca-Cola the company seemingly takes care of their customers - now it produces Coca-Cola drinks without sugar. That’s progress. If one doesn’t take into account the fact that the drinks of Coca-Cola have been and remain nothing but poison, regardless of whether or not sugar is added to them. For sugar is only one of many of the harmful components that their drinks consist of.

Let’s take Facebook, Google, Microsoft and Whatsapp. These are also big corporations, and they strive to be seen as the companies that also care about their users, akin to Coca-Cola without sugar. They add security features to their products to make their users feel secure. However, this is on the surface only. They’re fundamentally against privacy of their users, and the more such companies know about their users, the better. This is their bread and butter. If they were allowed to, they’d attach 247 cameras and GPS to their users to able to be aware that they do, how they feel and to find the new ways to sell more stuff to them. No?

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