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When Facebook pixel doesn't work

published: 16 Mar 2019

Facebook pixel doesn’t always work, even when installed and set up correctly. This is due to the technical details.

I did a search for an article that describes how to install the pixel in hope that that very website would use the pixel itself. I’ve found one after a little while, checked the source code and, as no surprise, there was the pixel. It figures that it couldn’t track me thanks to uBlock.

facebook pixel does not work

uBlock origin contains the rules that prevent the pixel from sending data to Facebook.

facebook pixel does not work

And apart from the pixel, other kinds of javascript error are found on the website.

facebook pixel does not work

Marketers don’t speak about that because, I believe, they’re unaware about those technical details. Assuming that you install a pixel on your website and thus you’ll be able to track each person who is on your website or has visited it, is naive.

In what cases does Facebook pixel not work?

  • When a visitor has no Facebook account

  • When a visitor does have a Facebook account, but isn’t currently logged in into it.

  • When a visitor opens his Facebook only in containers. In Firefox there’s such a possibility. I do this. Namely, when if I’m logged in into my Facebook account, and I visit a website that my have a Facebook pixel at it, a pixel won’t work because my Facebook lives in a different container.

  • When a visitor uses uBlock or adBlock. This presumably blocks all the requests of Facebook pixel.

  • When a visitor has blocked some domains that belong to Facebook, via “/etc/hosts”. Or even all the domains of Facebook, in this case he himself won’t be able to access his account either.

  • When a visitor doesn’t care about his Facebook. Say, I’m Alex, I’m 12 years old and I like ice-cream. This won’t prevent me from creating a Facebook account with fake data which I’d use as my main account: female named Ana, 67 yeas, who likes apples and dogs. This would give a pixel bad data. And that person - fake Ana - could be in your target audience, although in reality she’s not who you should target with your Facebook ads.

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